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Alison Li is a creative producer/film maker, trained over the years to translate ideas into visual narratives, both still and moving.  

Born in China, educated in the U.K., Alison has spent the past decade in Singapore as a creative producer for some of the world’s largest TV networks, namely Discovery Channel, Sony Pictures Television, etc. She is now working independently with a diverse group of clients, helping brands to build values through short videos that resonate with the target audiences.  

Having enjoyed shooting a wide range of subjects, Alison’s favorite still goes to travel and human stories. She believes being spontaneous is important for photographers and filmmakers, in which context travel doesn’t allow much of proper thinking and planning. Because when you are on the go, you just have to let go of your control, trust your instinct and let it guide you on when to press down the button…


2017 PromaxBDA Asia - Best Integrated Marketing Campaign

2016 PromaxBDA Asia - Funniest Promo

2016 PromaxBDA Asia - Best Holiday & Special Event Promo

2015 PromaxBDA Asia - Best Leisure & Lifestyle Promo

2014 Discovery Networks International Top Spot - Discovery Kids We’re Talking Animals

2013 PromaxBDA Asia - Best Reality Promo

2013 PromaxBDA Asia - Best Reality Campaign

2012 PromaxBDA World - Best Holiday & Special Event Promo

2010 PromaxBDA Asia - Funniest Promo